Stormy Pyeatte is a photo and video artist who blends her knowledge of lighting, projection mapping and floristry to capture the beauty of flowers.

Stormy hails from the southwest region of Colorado and completed her college education in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Following graduation, she discovered her love for floristry and spent eight years honing this craft across three countries (the USA, New Zealand, and Australia). 

While living in Melbourne, Australia for five years, Stormy began creating content while working  a 9-5 to fund her artistic endeavours. She was determined to become skilled in lighting and projection mapping, and during the COVID lockdown, she devoted herself to creating and sharing her learnings and process online. As a result, she discovered a passion for teaching and helping others who want to pursue their creative dreams.

However, the frequent long-haul flights eventually took a toll on her and her partner, prompting them to relocate closer to their families. Nowadays, Stormy is relishing every moment of her life in London!

In her spare time, Stormy likes to explore various interests such as DJing, dancing, taking online courses in different topics, and trying out new hobbies. She is passionate about immersing herself in exciting experiences. In the past, Stormy took Muay Thai classes for a year, but she is currently focusing on running until she finds a suitable gym to join.

You can usually find Stormy at the London flower market, or in her studio cooking up some other art project.

Stormy is available for the following:
︎︎︎Educational content
︎︎︎Gear reviews
︎︎︎Product campaigns
︎︎︎Photo & video shoots


The cost of the project will depend on a number of factors such as the extent of the work, its purpose, and any exclusivity demands. If you have any financial restrictions, feel free to contact me without hesitation. I'm looking forward to understanding your objectives and creating ideas that suit your budget.